A Tile Showed Me Change

This cut out in this tile truly showed me that I am having a real change of heart.

We are remodeling our kitchen, or refreshing it, however you want to look at it. We’ve painted it, added new hardware to the cupboard doors, new light fixtures, and decided to tile our counter top. I spent hours designing the perfect back-splash. It was like none I had ever seen. I wanted it to be perfect and personal. I found some amazing personalized tiles and had planned how they would look once hung. I wanted to place 4X4 personalized tiles across the back just below the window. I wanted to put 6X6 tiles mixed into the rest of the wall. My husband tried explaining to me that we just couldn’t do that. Mostly because neither one of us has any tile experience. I was so angry that he refused to put my design in place, as I designed it. I walked in, gathered up all my little tiles, wrapped them up, put them away and walked off. I had made up my mind I was not going to argue about this. Then, I saw the above tile…ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!? I was already mad, and seeing this tile with a cut out in it for a plug-in sent me straight over the edge. Still refusing to argue, I walked off in tears. How dare he cut the center out of tile for a plug-in and refuse to cut tiles to properly hang my tile design. Who does this guy think he’s fooling. I thought to myself, I should walk back in there and throw my personalized tiles right out the door. At this point I felt a solid sense of peace. I wasn’t crying, I wasn’t even angry anymore. I was sitting by myself, kind of singing praise in my head. It was about five-minutes later Mr. Faith appeared in the door way. He asked me if I would come do a quick redesign because he really wanted the personalized back-splash too. I didn’t even hesitate. I jumped up, walked in the kitchen, and together WE designed the back-splash. After it was designed, I was texting my dear friend, Rose, and it dawned on me fully just how much my heart and mind was changing. I’m not proud of my temper, and I’m not proud of my temper-tantrums, nor my ability to break things that represent a denial or hurt. What I am proud of is that God blessed me with grace in that ten-minutes of time. Mr. Faith is very level headed, even tempered and always gives me his very best. I have been less level headed (when it comes to personal things), I have had a quick temper, and I haven’t always given or shown my best. I can truly say that it was a blessing of grace that filled me with peace before I destroyed something I had been so excited about. It was grace that made me so readily to compromise and work together. It was borderline miracle, honestly. Rose made it very clear that she has seen and felt a change in me and that she is proud of me. Mr. Faith, was also taken back a bit by my lack of fight, unwillingness to raise my voice and my total willingness to not only compromise but to include him in a home decorating decision. It wasn’t something he said, but after nearly twenty years together, a wife knows and can feel it. I started doing a bit more bible study about being changed and I found a couple scriptures that I am digging deeper into: Colossians 2:11-14, Romans 11:11-25 and 12:2. I do hope that those open your eyes and your hearts as they did mine. I was a lot like Judas but I asked God to make me new.

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